The Tiny House Experience

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In today’s society, tiny houses have become more desirable than large homes. While living in a tiny house is not for everyone, it offers unique benefits for those who are interested in a more minimalistic lifestyle.

A tiny house is only a couple of hundred square feet. In a tiny house most of your space is within easy reach, so living in a tiny house makes it easier to multitask. However, before you move into one there are some things that you should do. The first of these is to purge most of your belongings. You will not have room for nonessential items and keepsakes, so you have to decide what you can live without. There aren’t many places in a tiny house for knick-knacks. Storage space is at a premium!

On the other hand, a tiny house is a lot less expensive than a regular house. In many cases it is also mobile.  A tiny house can be purchased for around sixty thousand dollars. A regular house costs a lot more, plus it cannot be moved. Even with the tiny house being cheaper, there are things that need to be considered, such as:

  • Land – Do you have a piece of land to put your house on or do you need to buy/rent land?
  • Utility costs – How will you obtain utilities…sewer, water, electricity?
  • Upgraded – Any upgrading that you make will add money to the cost of your tiny house.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining your tiny home and the land it is on will be an added cost.
  • Towing equipment – If you plan on moving your house, does your car have the proper towing capabilities?

In your tiny house, most areas serve more than one purpose. You may need to store clothing in your kitchen or bathroom area. The stairs should be built with storage areas underneath.  Most furniture is built which that locks you into a particular layout, but it keeps cleaning to a minimum.

Living in a tiny house is a whole new way of living. You can spend more time with your family and in the outdoors. Since storage space is minimal, your money will not need to go to buying stuff.

If you like entertaining, you can always build a fire pit with an outdoor barbecue area or have a movie night with a projector in your garden.

The tiny house experience is a minimalist lifestyle. You will find yourself doing more with less and cleaning will be a breeze.

With a tiny house, you can own your own home sooner than expected. If you want to move, you can take your home with you. A tiny house doesn’t have to mean you are giving up anything, instead you are taking time away from things and focusing on experiences.

Living in a small space takes some getting used to, but once you’re comfortable with it, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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