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Organizing Testimonials

My husband died this year and I had to combine houses, move, and wade through boxes of his things.  After his things were mostly dealt with, I just didn’t have the heart to continue.  Everywhere I looked was chaos.  There were thousands of tiny decisions to make like “does this go here or there” or “what happens if I toss this?”, that I simply couldn’t make anymore.  I couldn’t find anything, and began buying things I knew I had just because I didn’t know where the original was.  My office was a wreck and so cluttered that there was a pathway kicked to the closet.  I was definitely depressed and I saw no way out of my horrible existence.

The thought came to me to hire someone who loved to do what I could not.  I found Julie and I renamed her miracle worker!  She is very experienced in all kinds of challenges and has no judgement!  We waded through three days of papers and the only decision I had to make was shred, recycle, or file.  She made all of the files and put every paper away.  That one thing took years off my life.  I have a safety deposit box now for the irreplaceable papers, thanks to her homework assignment.

The best thing is after just the first day, I felt empowered.  Something had psychologically shifted from victim to victor.   Each session after that, my confidence began to raise so that I felt more comfortable dealing with the myriad of issues needing my attention and input due to my husbands death.

She has experience traveling, so my trip items are all well arranged in one place so I can grab and go.  No more spending days searching for my neck pillow or ear plugs, and the “just right” cord needed for in-flight movies.  She completely hooked up all of my computers and organized my office so I feel a sense of confidence instead of dread going back to work in my home business.  She even helped with organizing my garage!  Now, when I pick up an item left out, I think immediately, “I know where that goes!”  She’s been a huge gift.

Julie has been the best investment I’ve made this year.  She has a God given talent that can’t be learned.  Grab her as fast as you can!



I have never been an organized person, and I am horrible at putting things away!  My husband is the very same way! So, three years into our marriage, after combining our two households into a single-family home, I found myself feeling utterly overwhelmed by our house!  It seemed like every drawer and closet was bursting with whatever stuff we could shove into it. My husband works overseas most of the year, so the only person who was going to declutter and organize the house was me, and THAT set me up for failure at the beginning of every attempt.  Not only did I not want to spend entire afternoons chained to the house by myself, but I was also discouraged by the fact that the very same rooms I would be chained to were rooms that I had already tried to organize before.  I physically could not make myself do it yet again!

I had cleaned up the house dozens of times, and put things away nicely, but the reason it would always return to bursting chaos is because there was no rhyme or reason to putting things away.  There were no logical systems; no organization.  I couldn’t continue living with the house the way that it was and I couldn’t bring myself to give it yet another try on my own, so I began contacting professional organizing businesses.  I actually worked with two other organization companies before finding Simplify Me, and I thought my problems were solved – boy was I wrong!  It turns out both of those organizers did exactly the same thing I did.  They would clean things up and make it look nice, but there was no organization system put into place, so everything returned to chaos once again.  I was pretty discouraged by the time Julie came over for a consultation, but I could tell right away that she was very different from the others.

My husband was not thrilled when I told him I had hired another organizer!  He said he was sick of people going through his things, and choosing what stayed and what went.  He was also afraid that everything would be totally switched around, and when he came home from overseas, he would feel like he was in a stranger’s home.  I told this to Julie and she completely understood and said there was nothing to worry about.  She said, first we would purge the house of unwanted junk and clutter, and if there was anything I was unsure about whether my husband wanted to keep or not, we put it in a designated “Husband” bin for him to review when he got home.  During the organization step, Julie said we would keep existing systems in place (i.e.: keep the coffee mug cupboard where it was, the silverware drawer where it was, etc.), and just the system-less areas would be organized in a very logical and user friendly way.

The first day back home, my husband was very apprehensive and skeptical as I was giving him a “tour” of our newly organized home.  However, the very next morning when he went downstairs to make breakfast he said, “I just love our house now.  Nothing is crammed anywhere.  I know exactly where to go to find what I need, and I know exactly where to put it back without having to try and cram the door shut.”  He felt the same way about the master bath, basement, and closet. The whole house has remained completely organized for months, and I am positive that will continue!  I am still horrible about putting things away after I use them. It used to take me two hour to clean up at the end of a weekend! Now that there is a space for everything, and I know exactly where that space is, it literally takes 30 minutes to pick things up and put them away.  Not only do my husband and I feel so much gratitude towards Julie and Simplify Me for how she transformed our home, but my dog and cat fell in love with her too.

Krissy/ Yoga Teacher

I am a busy Mom to 3 children and we homeschool. We had just moved into our home and were in the process of adopting a newborn and fully renovating so needless to say I needed help. There were days when I didn’t know if I needed a Nanny or an Organizer but I decided to start searching for someone to help me get our boxes unpacked and our possessions minimized. I saw a few different agencies and got pricing but none of them felt right to me. Organizing and reducing your clutter is a very personal thing and I wanted someone who could be one on one with me and help me to get to a better place even while we were in the midst of chaos. Between the moving boxes and the renovation I honestly felt overwhelmed, like I was drowning. There were days when I wanted to throw everything in the construction dumpster and start over. Then I met Julie and she wasn’t intimidated by the chaos or my accumulated stuff. She just outlined a plan with me and we started. I had already been on a path of minimizing when I met her but she honestly held my hand and walked me over the finish line. I can say for sure that I could not and would not have done it without her. She was flexible with our schedule and never let the chaos of a busy home with three children get to her. We worked together for a long time because my project was huge and also involved dealing with my most sentimental items. Never once did I feel uncomfortable and the freedom I feel now is tremendous. If you are searching for an organizer stop here, Julie (@ Simplify Me) is just what you need.

– Ronne Pierce/ Photographer

I hired Julie to help make sense of all the clutter around my house, especially in the kitchen and in my closets.  As a single male who has lived in my house for over 6 years, there was a tremendous amount of junk and disorganization that was “hidden” behind closet and cabinet doors.  When Julie came over, she immediately understood what needed to be done and expeditiously began sorting through everything.  With minimal input from me, she transformed my closets and cabinets into well organized and easy to access areas with everything easily accessible.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of an organization makeover.

Brian McCleary/ Director of Operations

I manage a commercial office building in the Denver Tech Center area, and I hired Julie to bring order out of chaos in a tenant storage area. We had to consolidate two storage rooms filled with file folders into one, and the moving company we hired to move this tenant’s files did not make orderliness a priority. Basically, they dumped all their files into a room and called it done. I’m convinced that the Tasmanian Devil could have done a better job. Needless to say the tenant was unamused, and I had to get their files organized as quickly as possible. In comes Julie, waving her magic wand of organization, and voila! I have an immaculately organized storage space, a supremely impressed tenant, and I get to look like a hero without lifting a finger!

I would recommend Julie to anyone. She was professional, creative and courteous. Nothing deterred this woman! Not even collapsing shelves! She is made of stern stuff, and she was a complete joy to work with. I’ll definitely be keeping her in my contacts for future organizational emergencies. Thank you Julie!

Jessica S./ Property Manager

It isn’t that I couldn’t do this myself, but I didn’t have the time and frankly, I wasn’t going to find it anytime soon, In comes Julie. Now I’m more organized and less stressed.

Hilary C.

When we moved offices, many of our files got mixed up. Julie went through each file and made sure I was able to find what I needed, when I needed it. She also got my supply room in working order and made the entire office look clean and orderly

Phil Michaelson/Property Manager

What a difference it made to work with you!  I appreciate your pragmatic approach, gentle nudging to let stuff go, and practical solutions to organizing.  You got me over the hump and able to enjoy my home again!  Thanks, Julie!

Christine, aka tapped out single mom

I had a home office that had turned into my ‘junk, dump everything in there room’.  I now work from home and needed to return it to a functional office, but didn’t know where to start.  Julie worked with me to clear the clutter and organize my work, storage and filing areas.  In the process, I gained lots of useful tools that I can apply to other parts of my house that need organizing — now and in the future.

Teri S./ Project Manager

Julie just did my place, and I must say, she is AWESOME!!! I can find all of my shoes and lipsticks. Ha! Really though, it’s cut down my time to get ready in the morning by 20 minutes. A-MAZING!

Wendy/ Marketing Director

My house was very cluttered and unorganized so I had Julie come over to give me some pointers. Here ideas were very helpful and I listened to her recommendations. It did not take that long to implement her ideas and my house looks so much better. She really knows what she is doing. I highly recommend Julie, as does my girlfriend who was pleasantly surprised at how much nicer my home looked. Thanks Julie!

Bryan/ President, Denver Internet Marketing & SEO

Julie Gutman helped me (re)organize my office, and though I had been skeptical about enlisting a professional organizer, I am a total convert now. If you need help getting organized, Julie at Simplify Me rocks!

Elena/ CEO, Eon Office

Simplify Me organized my closet six months ago and it’s STILL CLEAN! I can’t even tell you what a success story that is. I feel happy every time I unpack from a trip and everything has a place to live. Thank you thank you.

Katie C.

Thanks so much for all your help re-organizing and clarifying my space. I’m so glad I invested in myself by enlisting your expertise. So MANY little things can add up to so much-and some of your bigger great ideas simply never had occurred to me. You have such innovative and creative ideas, and I really feel that you understand me and what I need and that you go full steam ahead to get me there, but you always respect my wishes. I’m so happy with this new page I’ve turned. Your help was exactly what I needed! Although I do wish I’d done it sooner, I’m so happy with the way my space is ME…but simplified and streamlined and harmonious.

I also appreciate your encouragement, your can-do attitude and your professionalism.

Robbie/ Radio Host

Julie was practical, simple and approachable which is everything one should look for in a personal organizer. She help me set up systems of organization that I was able to maintain on a daily basis thus helping me to truly “simplify” my life. Thank you Julie!


Julie helped me organize my home office . She was very professional and had a clear vision of how I should organize my office space. I love the results! Now I don’t have mountains of papers filling up the space and I can actually find everything I need. I highly recommend Simplify Me. Thank You Julie.

Zsofia B

I contacted Julie to help me with a major organizational overhaul for essentially my entire home. It was money well spent and can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better. I didn’t realize how critical being organized was for my overall well-being until I completed my project with her. She is awesome and I highly recommend her.

Erica/Company President

While I was pregnant, Julie helped me organize and prepare for out upcoming family addition. She was efficient, creative, and did all of the heavy lifting!



I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that Julie, in 8 hours of work, really changed my life. This was by far some of the best money I’ve ever spent. My whole mindset has changed–previously there was simply no way my apartment could ever be clean–items didn’t have a place and so I would work around the edges, get discouraged, and quit.

Now I enjoy cleaning my apartment–it’s purposeful and doesn’t take long. Julie helped me trash items that didn’t have a use anymore as well as donate some old furniture and clothes–the stuff I own has a place and a purpose now. I’d recommend her to anyone.


You came and helped me organize my clothing closet. That was probably five or six years ago now and I’m two cities removed from the Springs BUT, my closet is still super clean and organized and I still use a lot of the principles you put into place in it. When I had you come I was at my wits end with a sloppy closet and you totally solved the problem.  I wanted you to know that even your small projects have a BIG impact. I’m still super happy with everything you did and everything you taught me. You were Marie Kondo way before she was 😉

Simplify me came into my house and helped organize a few closets that were in need of some reconfiguring. Scheduling a time when we could complete this task was super easy, and she was very accommodating.  Julie’s ability to patiently work with me to deconstruct, and then rebuild the things I need access to was a huge help.  It seems like such a simple thing, to clean up and reconfigure how a closet is used, but I never would have envisioned the end result.  Julie was incredibly helpful and a joy to work with.  Her ideas and suggestions have made it very easy for me to stay on top of the order in these closets.  I’m so glad that I was able to find and work with Simplify Me.  You can’t go wrong with Simplify Me, the service was worth every penny, and I’ve been recommending her to everyone I know.

Julie’s talent for organizing is simply unbelievable, as in I can’t believe what a great investment it has been to work with her. My partner and I had spent dozens of hours trying to organize our tiny, 600 SF condo. The difference Julie made after a single 4-hour session was simply orders of magnitude above and beyond what we had done in 50+ hours by ourselves. She is truly amazing and I am beyond thrilled with our results, and this was only the first session. The investment with Julie has already paid for itself many times over. I can’t tell you how amazed and grateful I am for her skills and what a huge difference it has made!! Julie, it’s an honor, thank you.

Rosie G.


I hired Simplify Me, LLC to help me pack and downsize before a move.   One might not think to hire an organizer to help in such a capacity but honestly it was a very wise investment as it really helped me figure out what I needed to dispose of or keep.  Julie was great, she kept me on par – she helped me make decisions that would have otherwise been difficult as she helped me stay realistic.  Do I *really* need that cute ceramic platter??   Or could a home in need benefit from it better than a box in storage?  Another great service that she provides was to take items that I was giving away to my donation of choice.  She came well-prepared and rates were very reasonable!  I honestly could not have done this without her!  To top it off, we did the best we could to make it fun!   I highly recommend Simplify Me for your organizing, and moving needs!!

Michelle P.


Our playroom got trashed/’played hard in’ this weekend by a bunch of toddlers. Normally I’d get anxiety about not wanting to clean it up, but because there is a home for everything now I was able to get it cleaned in 15 minutes! Just thought you’d appreciate. Next step is to teach the kids to better cleanup after themselves!  The organization you helped me with is still going strong! Yay! Thanks!

Beth P.

Dear Julie, you were absolutely a delight to be around and I would say work with, but you pretty much did all the work. You have no idea how much anxiety you alleviated from someone who has moved three times in the  past 18 months, and who found it difficult to once again down-size and put stuff away. You have made living here possible. And only one room to go!


I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for the amazing job you did helping to clean out and organize our basement and garage. It seemed like an impossible task. You were patient, kind, professional and never wavered in your quest to help us organize what we wanted to keep and responsibly remove what was no longer useful to us. I have been singing your praises to friends, family and neighbors. If anyone is looking for a reference, please do give them my contact information. I only wish I had taken before and after photos. We now can envision new uses for that space and actually make that dream a reality. Thank you so much!


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