Simplifying A-Z: E-Excuses

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The alphabet of organizing! Or, how to simplify your life one letter at a time!

E – Excuse

We come up with excuses to get out of, or delay, doing things we don’t want to do; excuses for why we’re not as fit or wealthy or organized as we’d like to be. Excuses for not being organized are among the most common “ I don’t have time to put that away.” “ I didn’t put it away because I don’t know where it goes.” “ There’s just way too much to put away.”. Excuses range from being too busy, to not knowing where to start, to feeling overwhelmed. All of these excuses are valid, but they all keep us in a state of limbo, stuck, wanting to make a change, but thinking about all the reasons we can’t, instead.

A lot of times we make excuses because we’re not ready to tackle the issue at hand. However, in most cases, the longer we make excuses the bigger the problem grows. If we put off working on a big work/school project until the night before it’s due, we make the project much more difficult and stressful. The same thing goes for organizing projects. If we keep putting papers into a stack, thinking we don’t have the time to file them right now, pretty soon we’ll have several stacks that require hours and hours of time to get them filed.

Not only that, but excuses:

• Keep us from accomplishing what we want
• Create more work down the road
• Keep us stuck in an unpleasant situation
• Contradict desires

But what if we’ve used so many excuses that we’ve dug a hole we can’t get out of? Get help! Whether it’s hiring a Trainer to get you in shape, a Career Coach to put you on the right track, or a Professional Organizer to declutter your life, it’s never too late to exchange excuses for solutions!

The excuses to ‘not’ do something greatly outnumber the reasons ‘to’ do it. But the thing about excuses is that they always keep you from accomplishments.

You can have results or excuses, not both!
If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse!
Stop making excuses!



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