Simplifying A-Z: B-Bargain

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The alphabet of organizing! Or, how to simplify your life one letter at a time!


But it’s such a bargain! How many times have we all said this when faced with deciding whether to buy an item that we KNOW we don’t really need? We try to convince the rational and organized part of our brain that we should buy it because it’s a great deal and that we’re actually doing a good thing by buying it because we may need it someday! Right? Well, I’m here to tell you that a bargain is only a TRUE bargain if you can make good use of it! This means that buying that glass Llama statue at 60% off is only good if upon seeing it you exclaim “I have the perfect place to put that”, and it will complete your animals of the world that spit collection! Otherwise, it’s not a bargain; it’s just another thing that will need to be dusted and will eventually end up at a garage sale.

Marketing is set up to make things irresistible to that disheveled little devil sitting on our shoulder and poking us with his spear (that he go for ½ off at a clearance sale). However that guy is nowhere to be found when you are knee-deep in bargain basement items…in your basement!

Have you ever bargained with a family members, trying to convince them that you will take care of the clutter engulfing the kitchen table, after you finish more ‘pressing’(aka…more interesting) things? If this sounds familiar, then you are the one that comes out on the short end of that bargain, because that clutter will be waiting for you when you run out of pressing things to occupy your time. And then they’ll be even more of it! So, really, you just bargained some more work for yourself. There is no need to bargaining yourself out of fun activities, but if you plan it well, you can have your fun and an organized space!

Here’s a good bargain for you: How about setting aside time in your day/week/month (whatever works best) to schedule organizing time. Put it into your calendar in big letters. Don’t plan anything over it and don’t reschedule it to do something more ‘pressing’, like clipping your toenails (although that really should be done at some point). Like Nike says…”Just do it”! Not sure where to start? Follow Mary Poppins and “start at the very beginning”. Pick a room; pick a spot in the room and get to work!

Don’t be a victim of marketing bargains!
Stop bargaining more work for yourself!
Strike a bargain where you win over clutter!



  • Lucy Kelly says:

    Right on Julie! Great idea to schedule a time to do a little organizing. It helps to tell yourself, “I’ll just declutter for five minutes” since your brain is easily fooled and you may just keep going for longer once you get started. And if you don’t, five minutes a day (or a week or a month) will still be more than you’re doing right now.

  • Julie, so well put! A small amount of time invested each day really adds up. Great job.

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