Organized Planning is the Secret to Home Security

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By David Lahav of Advanced Locksmith

If you ask people about home security, they’ll tell you it’s all about having the right cameras, locks, alarms, and other devices that protect homes from danger. Those are good suggestions, but they leave out a key component. In fact, security experts will tell you that the most essential part of any residential security system is a well-thought-out plan. That’s because it’s essential to know exactly what you need, why you need it, how much you can afford, and the amount of time you’re willing to devote to maintenance.

Whether you hire a professional team to do the installing or you do it yourself, the effort is bound to end in chaos without a detailed plan. In fact, that’s what an installation expert does first. When the one or two-person team arrives, they inspect the property, take extensive notes and make a step-by-step written plan. It includes a list of any trouble spots, what’s already in place, what new items of equipment you might need, and more.

If you’re interested in creating a security plan yourself, here are the steps to follow. You’ll save a good deal of money by being organized, and will gain a new understanding about your home’s security.

Typical Six-Part Security Plan

  • Do an inside walk-around: Take a camera and clipboard while you walk around the entire inside of your home, noting any points that might allow an intruder to enter. Check basements, attics, skylights, and any spot that someone might be able to climb through.

  • Check front and back doors: Note the type and condition of your front and back door locks. Are they worn, slightly ‘wiggly’, or in need of replacement? Do you know exactly how many keys exist and where each one is?

  • Inspect windows: For windows that open, does everyone have a secure lock? Is there any broken or cracked glass? Do you have screens on every window?

  • List all exterior security points: Do the outside walk-around and make detailed notes. What are the most vulnerable places? Check window wells (a favorite for burglars), attempt to lift ground-floor windows, and see if your pet door is big enough for someone to crawl or reach into.

  • Check other doors: Are there utility or sliding glass doors? What about an outside cellar door or an attic entry panel that someone with a ladder could access?

  • Make a wish list of security equipment: Finally, write down every security device you think would add a layer of protection. Then, go online and price each item to determine your overall cost.

Never underestimate the value of organization and planning! It always pays to create order out of chaos, whether you’re cleaning your basement, making your home secure, or taking a long vacation. Why let chaos interfere, when a modest amount of organizing can make everything go smoothly.

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