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No, I will not break into song, although The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies (that may be a bit TMI), but I am in the process of compiling a list of organizing products that make me feel better when I’m sad (yes, organizers are strange…I know, I know) and thought I would share them with you.

I usually tell people that buying out The Container Store will not make you more organized. I also tell my clients not to buy anything until I’ve done an assessment and determined what they need and what they already have, that can be used for organizing. I’m a pretty thrifty girl, so I try to keep the buying of organizing products to a minimum, because most people, especially those who have tried to get organized on their own, have just about everything they need already. My job is to figure out how to use it best! However, here are a few things that can be useful in just about any space:

Shelf Dividers: These are great for keeping stacks of clothes or linens from toppling onto one another (especially for those of us that are height challenged and have to reach for things up high, without knocking everything else over).

Plastic Bins: Ranging from tiny containers for storing beads, to giant containers for holiday decorations. These are perfect for keeping like items together, out of the way and safe from things like unexpected basement flooding. I recommend them to clients for storing memorabilia and I LOVE the one’s that slide under the bed , so that your sweatshirt collections doesn’t gather dust bunnies.

Space Saver Bags: Shrink a stack of pillows and comforters into a pancake looking thing that can fit under your bed. These bags are AMAZING! And all you need to make them work is a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment! It sucks out the air and expands your storage space.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer: These are great for freeing up floor space in the closet and for using the largely unused back of the door space. I recently read a blog that talked about using one of these on the back of a pantry door for storing small packaged food items. Now that is out-of-the-box thinking (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun).

Drawer Dividers: Whether you need to separate the spatulas from the salad tongs, your eye makeup from your lipstick, or your sports socks from his (they all look the same to me), drawer dividers make it easier to find things. Drawer dividers help put like things together and keep every drawer from becoming the ‘junk drawer’.

Belt Hangers: Belts are notorious for taking up space in drawers and not staying put on hangers. This little hanger let’s you keep them all together in a small space so you’ll know where to find your brown belt when you put on your brown shoes.

Manila Folders and Hanging Folders w/tabs
: Every good filing system starts with folders. Whether you like to file alphabetically, by topic, by color, or by scent (ok, I made that last one up). The first step is having enough folders to get the job done.

Desk Paper Sorter: A lot of my clients struggle with having the things they’re working at close at hand, while not having it spread all over their desk. Paper sorters allow you to keep files close and organized. Keep in mind that filling your desk with these will create a new problem I like to call “organization overload”.

Every organization project is different and has different needs, but I’ve found that this is a basic must-have list to begin any project. Of course, just having the products will not make you more organized; you have to know how to best use them, which may mean getting help. Whether you get help from your friend, local Container Store guru or Professional Organizer, making good use of the products you purchase is one of the main components to getting, and staying, organized.

And for your musical pleasure, my version of My favorite Things from The Sound of Music:

Desk paper sorters from Staples or Walmart
Manila folders to tell files apa-art
Dra-wer dividers to sort scarves and rings
These are a few of my favorite things

Space saver bags that fit in small spaces
Shoe organizers that keep stuff in right places
Varying sizes of great plastic bins
These are a few of my favorite things

Using those magical hangers for belts
Dividing your shelves stops bruises and welts
Hanging file folders for assistants and kings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the belts fall
When the in-laws call
When I feel overwhelmed
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I feel oh so swell!

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  • Ashley says:

    Love this… and the Sound of Music. I was an adult before I learned it wasn’t *supposed* to be a sing-a-long. 🙂

  • Valerie says:

    I love, love LOVE the shoe pocket organizers for just about everything. Also cabinet door racks of all kinds for spices, lids, paper towels…you name it! Over the door, pull-down ironing boards also save tons of space and make ironing (which I despise) so much easier. And finally, those pop-up mesh hampers are great for balls of all sizes, rolls of wrapping paper, a temporary trash can for parties, and of course making it easy for your kids to carry their own laundry downstairs on laundry day. I carry two of them folded up in my “Mary Poppins” work bag to use for easy sorting of items for trash or donation… just line with plastic bags. I am also a frugal organizer and have found amazing organizing bargains at both the dollar store and at Aldi (discount grocery store).

  • Summer Dawson says:

    I also love this article and will follow you and your blogs! My largest challenge is to keep organizing. (Just moved from house to small duplex) I have more pictures than food, towels, soap, kitchenware, etc. They are in albums and stacked in boxes.
    Advice there would be helpful.
    I also like shoe organizers; keep my tights in there; hang my underclothes from the top hooks. I just wish I could close the damn door!

    • SimplifyMe says:

      Thanks! Systems are necessary to stay organized! After the purging has been done it’s time to figure out where everything that’s left belongs based on how you function in your space. As for photos, they can be stored in plastic bins in a storage area, or digitized and stored on disks and hard drives, which will free up some physical space!

  • This is great and exactly where Office Candy got it’s start! I was blogging on my organizing site 3 years ago about the cute products that I found and I referred to them as “Office Candy”. Fast forward 3 years and here we are! This is a fun post and I hope you are getting some great readers and numbers. I’ll RT it for sure!

  • I love the content of this post!! The poem you have written in the end is also very nice!

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