How to manage your time and be productive (aka Biiiiiiizee)

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Yes, I’ve been slacking off my blog posting, but for good reason! I’ve been really busy! That’s a good reason, right? In this post I’ll talk about some easy time management tips (that I should clearly follow) and show you a bit of what I’ve been busy doing.

So, do you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Welcome to the world! While we can’t stop the world and get off for a bit (well we can, but who knows where we’ll end up when we get back on), we can try to manage the tasks we have in the time we have allotted, so here’s how:

1. Write it Down! I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it…write EVERYTHING down that you need to do, no matter how small (ex: Buy toilet paper) because it’s usually the small things that fall through the cracks (ewww…pun unintentional). When you write it down you get it out of your head and make room for other things. Having a central place to write things down is also important so that you don’t have to remember where you wrote something that was potentially important. Some people are techy and prefer an electronic system like Minimalist To-Do or Remember the Milk, which are smartphone apps. Some people like a simple pad and pen. It doesn’t matter what system you use just as long as you have a system!

2. Plan your Day! Set dates and times by all of your To-dos. Look at your list of things to do every night before you go to bed, whether for work or personal, and decide what you want to get done the next day. Then look at the list again in the morning, when you get up. Some people put all appointments into their calendars first while others follow The Now Habit system, where you put all your leisure activities into your calendar first, like exercise, sleep, social commitments, etc. This is especially good for the workaholics, to show them that they don’t actually have 24 hours in each day to devote to work projects.

3. Prioritize! Figure our which tasks are most important and tackle those first so that you can put all of your fresh energy into them and feel accomplished when you’re done. A lot of my clients have trouble prioritizing because they’re not sure what’s really important, so they end up trying to do everything at once and, in the end, getting little to nothing accomplished. The key to figuring out what’s most important is to figure out your objective for each task. For example, taking out the trash will eliminate the funky smell in here. My objective here is ‘funky smell elimination’, and the sooner the trash goes out the sooner I reach my objective. If I have a cold and can’t smell the funk this task may fall to the bottom of the priority list, but if I’m in full-smell-mode then this quickly shoots to the top of the list!

4. Get to it! All the planning and prioritizing in the world is nothing without action behind it! Don’t spend so much time and energy planning what you have to do that you have nothing left to actually do it. The more you accomplish, the more you will want to accomplish. Now get to it!

Now for a bit about what’s been keeping me biiiiiiizee these days: I’ve had some great clients who needed some assistance with everything from creating filing systems in their home offices, to purging arts and crafts supplies that they were keeping for ‘someday’, to streamlining the storage in their vintage clothing business. I also participated in the Denver Summer Toast 2012 event and had the opportunity to be interviewed by the ever-energetic Barbara Brooks of Brooks Marketing Group. Click here and scroll halfway down the page to check out the video!


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