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For all of you who read my last blog and decided to move to that distant cave to escape your mail and email…yesterday was Valentine’s Day! For the rest of you, this is not news. So what was I doing yesterday? Basking in the sun on some desert island with a drink and a cutie? Making room for dozens of flower deliveries? Eating bon-bons in my pjs? No, no and no. I was giving a presentation on ‘How to Love Organizing’. I know you’re jealous, and you should be! I spent my morning at JVA Consulting talking to a group of non-profit Executive Directors at their monthy Breakfast Club about simple things they can do to be more organized. Since my past career was working in the non-profit sector, I know all about how they function and what is needed to help them do so more smoothly. Plus, I like public speaking (weird, I know).

It felt a little strange to be giving a presentation about organizing on Valentine’s Day, but really, what better day to help people understand that they are guaranteed to love the results of getting organized?!

Since this was a group of professionals, we mainly stuck to the topic of office organizing. We talked about the cost of keeping things vs the cost of getting rid of them. If you get rid of something, you run the risk of needing it ‘someday’ and having to buy it again, but if you keep a bunch of things for that ‘someday’, the cost to you is living with clutter, which causes stress, so really the cost is stress. I, for one, would rather have to buy another 3-ring binder the next time I need one, rather than see a stack of them perched on my bookshelf (eyeing me with suspicion). Also, raise your hand (not really, no one can see you, and if they can they’ll think you’re strange) if you’ve ever grabbed a pen and realized it didn’t work and then put it back. Is that pen going to magically work next time you pick it up? My bet is no, so throw it away! I give you permission (and if someone gets upset with you, tell them I said it was ok).

One of the biggest organizing problems I saw in non-profit was their supply rooms. At each job I have ever held, the first thing I did was organize the supply room. This was mainly because I couldn’t find any of the supplies I needed to start that job and was told that ‘they were in there somewhere’. For any business (non- or for-profit), the supply room is the Mecca for productivity. People hate to go in to one and spend a half hour looking for something to do their job (they get disgruntled. I know!). Organizations also waste money ordering things they already have or only know they are out of when it’s needed, and then some poor intern has to run to Office Depot to buy it (more disgruntled employees). So, pleeeeease organize your supply rooms! You can do this by categories, such as paper products, electronics, desk items, etc. This will make finding and ordering much easier for your office. And your staff will thank you! Or call me to organize, and I’ll thank you!

The take-away here is, no matter what you are able to do to get and stay organized, you will love the end result! I know getting started is hard and time-consuming, but every person I’ve ever talked to has said it was worth it (and that’s a lot of people)!

To read more about my presentation at JVA, please check out their blog!

Talking the the Execitive Directors at JVA about organizing


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